Sunday, July 8, 2012

Session 4 - Question 4

Would you recommend this book to your colleagues? Why or why not?

Session 4 - Question 3

What did you gain from this book study?

Session 4 - Question 2

How has the reading of this book changed the way you will offer learning opportunities to gifted students? State page numbers for any competitions you mention.

Session 4 - Question 1

From the competitions listed on pages 127-150 which ones could gifted students learn life skills? Explain your reasoning. Give page numbers. All postings from this book study are due by 11:59 PM Tuesday, 24th July in order to receive credit.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Session 3 -Question 3

From pages 87-127 what ideas or web-sites would you like to learn more? Why? Give page numbers for each site.

Session 3 - Question 2

From this reading section, select web-sites in your teaching field that you could use with gifted students. State the page numbers and why you selected the sites.

Session 3 - Question 1

Check out 2 web-sites from the "M-P" academic competitions that you think a gifted student would enjoy. Site page numbers, what you found on the site, and why you think a gifted student would enjoy the competitions.